Horton Springs Trail

The air was cool and crisp. The sun was warm overhead. The wind whispered over the tops of the trees. Horton Creek gurgled softly as we hiked along the trail… Long Time Awaiting It has been a long, long time since I went anywhere just to hike. I go on short walking adventures with the […]

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Revel Mt. Lemmon Race report

So I did a big thing last weekend. I ran a half-marathon all by myself! And by myself I mean I had no friends or family participating with me. The race was in the beautiful Catalina Mountains. I had been mentally and physically preparing for this race for 3 months, and I killed it! This […]

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Out of Africa

Yesterday the boys and I, and my grandma (aka Amma) finally made it to Out of Africa! It is a wildlife park North of Phoenix in a town called Camp Verde. I’ve been wanting to visit ever since my older sister went on a field trip there for school. Amma and I have talked about […]

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West Fork Black River

It’s mid-September. The monsoons are nearly over. Leaves and other plants are starting to change color. It’s still in the upper 80’s at home, but up in the mountains the high is a perfect 75 degrees. The grass is still green and fluffy. The late summer wildflowers are still in bloom. The whisper of fall […]

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Mom Time at Show Low Creek

Today I took a little bit of time to myself. My husband stayed home with our toddler so I could do a little bit of shopping. On the way to town, which is a 40 minute drive for us, I decided I wanted a small adventure to advance my photography skills. I decided to explore […]

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Bye Bye Nap Time

When raising babies and toddlers, there is a special part of the day where you get to do what you want. Maybe you’ll watch a movie or read a book uninterrupted. Maybe you’ll get neglected house or yard work done, sneak in a quick run or maybe catch up on some sleep. It’s 1-3 hours […]

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